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Megan Williams

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Italy's economy hurt by 'medieval-like' bureaucracy

Nov 14, 2011
It isn't just debt that plagues the Italian economy. Newly-appointed prime minister Mario Monti will need to increase tax collection, reduce bureaucracy and reform the economy at the root.

Pharmacies offer counseling to stressed Italians

Oct 19, 2011
In the midst of the European economic crisis, Italian pharmacies bring in psychologists to counsel people stressed by the hard times.

Pope's beatification draws fewer tourists than expected

Apr 27, 2011
Pope John Paul II is getting beatified by the Vatican this Sunday. And while the spring season is usually a busy one for Rome and Vatican City, the big event seems to be keeping regular tourists away.

Get your degree in gelato-making

Jul 6, 2010
Gelato University in Bologna, Italy attracts hundreds of international students every year that come to study how to produce and prepare gelato.

G8 causes tremors in Italian town

Jul 8, 2009
The Group of Eight summit is being held in the earthquake-destroyed town of L'Aquila in central Italy, with the intent of pumping money into the region. But many are not happy with the decision. Megan Williams reports.

Do ethical credit cards exist?

Apr 24, 2009
Credit card companies don't exactly have a reputation for engaging in ethical business practices. Some are trying to change this negative connotation with incentives. Megan Williams reports from Rome.

'Greed' is an art in hard times

Mar 12, 2009
Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli has been advertising his irresistible new perfume, "Greed," in an art gallery in Rome. But the big-budget, celebrity-boosted product doesn't actually exist. Megan Williams reports.

E.U. leaders finalizing stimulus plan

Dec 12, 2008
A $270 billion deal would use investment strategies and tax cuts to bring up Europe's employment numbers and trigger multinational growth. The plan will likely go through despite Germany's reticence. Megan Williams reports.

Venice billboard plan seen as a bad sign

Dec 8, 2008
The buildings around Venice's most famous public square, Piazza San Marco, are crumbling. Chunks of buildings are falling off. A possible solution has tourists and locals a little nervous. Megan Williams reports.

Investors fear European defaulting

Oct 31, 2008
With European governments spending billions to bail out banks, investors are buying insurance against countries defaulting. Megan Williams looks into popular doubt that some countries can repay their debt.