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Apartment hunting? In New York City? In this economy? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Mar 30, 2022
“It's a new level of insanity in the market,” said recent New York City apartment seeker, Maya Kosoff.
The average price to rent a two-bedroom apartment in New York City reached $2,152 in February, according to a report from Apartment List.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

How the war in Ukraine could impact U.S. food prices

Mar 16, 2022
A grain wholesaler explains why a war in Europe is driving up grain prices around the world.
With so much uncertainty, the “risk premium” on U.S. food is going up, according to Eric Wilkey, president of Arizona Grain Inc.
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Heuristics: a decision-maker's friend in uncertain times

Mar 3, 2022
From cycling in a new city to investing during a war, heuristics can help you make decisions faster.
Economist Mauricio Olivares developed a rule of thumb to help him through London on a bicycle. He says that type of decision-making is useful for navigating uncertain scenarios.
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Russia’s economic isolation has a long history

Feb 24, 2022
Once again, a professor of Russian history says, ordinary Russians will be "the ones who shoulder the daily burden."
“Russia, of course, has a very long history of being excluded from the world economy,” said Kristy Ironside, an assistant professor of Russian history at McGill University. Above, Soviet citizens pass by homeless and hunger strikers in Moscow in 1990.
VITALY ARMAND/AFP via Getty Images

For this flower company CEO, it’s not just about growth

Feb 23, 2022
After laying off more than 200 people, Christina Stembel hopes to cultivate a healthy company — not just a growing one.
Christina Stembel, CEO of the direct-to-consumer company Farmgirl Flowers, said inflation and Apple’s new privacy policy are forcing her to pass higher costs on to customers.
Courtesy Farmgirl Flowers/Anna-Alexia Basille

Why this couple traded an apartment in Atlanta for a 27-foot sailboat

Feb 23, 2022
As housing costs rise, some are taking #vanlife one step further by leaving the solid footing of land. Instead of paying rent, they drop anchor.
Sunni Blanning and Brandon Bunch on the sailboat they call home.
Courtesy Blanning

What’s the best way to measure corporate performance?

Feb 18, 2022
“There isn’t one,” said Patrick Badolato, a professor of accounting. But investors and analysts use “net income” and “EBITDA” in their attempts.
Obscure financial metrics "seem to tell a nice and neat and tidy story, and the reality is messy and nuanced,” said Patrick Badolato, an associate professor of accounting at the University of Texas.
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1 executive chef, 2 restaurants, not enough staff and crisis after crisis in Puerto Rico

Feb 15, 2022
Like employers on the mainland, María Mercedes Grubb can't find enough help to keep her businesses open full time.
"You don’t get a lot of sleep, first of all. Second of all, you cut back hours," says María Mercedes Grubb of the labor shortage's affect on her restaurants.
Courtesy Grubb/Ash Calo

She made Airbnbs across the country her home and office — with her little dog, too

Feb 2, 2022
Remote work allowed young professional Nataliea Abramowitz to sample life in eight states over about eight months.
Nataliea Abramowitz and Olive in Cadiz, Kentucky, a place she likely never would have visited without the option to work remotely.
Courtesy Nataliea Abramowitz