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Life on the front lines of the federal government’s small business loan program

Apr 20, 2020
“For every loan we made, I had another one in the pipeline,” said Laurie Stewart, CEO of Sound Community Bank in Seattle.
Community banks like the Belltown branch of Sound Community Bank in Seattle have faced unprecedented demand for small business loans over the past few weeks.
Courtesy of Sound Community Bank

An independent movie theater operator facing 'great unknowns'

Apr 16, 2020
The Belcourt Theatre might be closed, but for its Executive Director Stephanie Silverman, the work goes on.
The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, is closed to audiences because of COVID-19.
Photo by Tom Gatlin courtesy of the Belcourt Theatre

How COVID-19 could disrupt college admissions

Apr 15, 2020
The pandemic is changing the way high school seniors choose their institution of higher learning.
University lecture halls may be empty, but the college admissions processes marches on.
Omar Marques/Getty Images

A small-town doctor coping with COVID-19 disruption

Apr 14, 2020
Cancelled appointments amount to lost revenue for physicians in private practice.
Dr. Scott Anzalone at his independent medical practice, in Logan, Ohio,  Stagecoach Family Medicine.
Cassidy Brauner

What's gonna happen to the consumer economy?

Apr 6, 2020
Consumer spending accounts for 70% of U.S. GDP. Is that going to change soon?
Consumer spending has carried a lot of weight in this economy for a long time.
Hudson/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

A senior citizen working through the pandemic

Apr 2, 2020
“I just take one day at a time,” said Gaile Harrell, a part-time convenience store employee in Ashburn, Virgina.
Gaile Harrell, a convenience store employee in Ashburn, Virginia is considered an essential worker and therefore, working through the pandemic.
Melissa Lyttl

With stores closed, local bookstores lean on online sales

Mar 31, 2020
At, a platform for independent bookstores, sales are way up.
Keystone/Getty Images

What the Great Depression can teach us about today’s financial turmoil

Mar 31, 2020
We are facing a very different kind of financial turmoil today, but there are some lessons in looking back.
What happened during the Great Depression is very different from what is happening today, but there are some lessons in that history.
Keystone/Getty Images

Musician-writer Dessa on what happens when artists' gigs go away

Mar 30, 2020
"What are we supposed to do when we've got to stay apart?" said musician and writer Dessa.
“I think we are gonna have this big boom of art in the next few months as people are hunkering down over their keyboards,” Dessa says.
Sara Fish

A hair stylist choosing between her livelihood and flattening the curve

Mar 25, 2020
Ashley Nelson wasn’t forced to stop working, but she decided to anyway.
Ashley Nelson, a hair stylist at the Collab Salon in Boise, Idaho, recently decided to stop taking appointments because of COVID-19.
Arlie Sommer