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Helen Palmer

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U.S. health insurance crisis getting worse

Aug 28, 2007
The U.S. Census Bureau has some good news and some bad news: There are slightly fewer Americans out of work, but there's also a sharp upturn in the number of people without health insurance. Helen Palmer reports.

What won't we risk for cheap health care

Aug 28, 2007
Many Americans have embraced medical tourism in places like Thailand and India, but some are eyeing a new destination much closer to home. Only problem is, going there might very well land you in jail. Cuba, anyone? Helen Palmer has the story.

A big gain for weight-loss surgery

Aug 23, 2007
People desperate to lose weight may think more seriously about going under the knife based on the findings of two new studies. Helen Palmer reports.

Will care for elderly come of age?

Aug 21, 2007
With more baby boomers approaching the age where they'll qualify for Medicare coverage, analysts and politicians are wondering how we'll pay for them, and where we'll get the trained doctors to look after them. Helen Palmer reports.

Hospitals' mistakes could cost them

Aug 20, 2007
Medicare is set to publish new rules this week that will pay providers more for treating sicker patients, but less if hospitals make mistakes that make patients sicker. Helen Palmer reports that other insurers will surely follow suit.

No seniors discount for health care

Aug 20, 2007
State lawmakers' landmark effort to cover all Massachusetts residents for health care is proving very successful by most measures. But the AARP says the premiums for seniors simply aren't affordable. Helen Palmer reports.

FDA: Careful with the kid meds

Aug 16, 2007
The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents not to give cough or cold medicines to children under 2 unless a doctor says so. The recommendation comes after a campaign by pediatricians who've treated overdoses of cold remedies. Helen Palmer reports.

Need a raise? Keep performance high

Aug 13, 2007
Many of us are feeling some kind of financial pinch at the moment, what with high energy prices, rising school fees, health insurance costs... But don't count on the boss to help you out much. Helen Palmer reports.

Fishing for ways to fight malaria

Aug 9, 2007
The malaria parasite's become increasingly resistant to drugs, so researchers in Kenya have a new approach: Stock ponds with Nile Tilapia. The fish eat malaria-carrying mosquito larvae. People can eat the fish... if they want to. Helen Palmer has more.

Underinsured America

Aug 7, 2007
With health care costs rising faster than inflation, a new study reveals that more and more under- and uninsured Americans have to use credit cards or drain savings accounts to pay their medical bills. Helen Palmer reports.