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Helen Palmer

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Medical device glitches

Dec 22, 2005
Recent problems with a blood sugar monitor are the latest in a series of medical device glitches this year. Helen Palmer looks at what's behind the trend.

Big week for Merck

Nov 28, 2005
A new round of Vioxx proceedings is expected to begin today and tomorrow in state and federal court. Helen Palmer looks at what's at stake for Merck.

Goodbye discount cards

Nov 24, 2005
The government's new Medicare drug benefit program is prompting big pharmaceutical companies to discontinue their discount drug programs. From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.


Nov 22, 2005
New research excessive noise is bad for both hospital workers and patients. Helen Palmer reports.

Black box warnings

Nov 18, 2005
A new report out shows doctors frequently ignore so-called "black box" warnings on medications that include serious side effects. Helen Palmer reports.

Junior insomniacs?

Oct 26, 2005
A new study finds that youth under 18 are the fastest growing segment of the sleeping pill market. As Helen Palmer reports, Big Pharma is encouraging the trend.

Pthalates — oh heck, just say Plastics

Oct 10, 2005
Government researchers launch a hearing today to look at just how dangerous pthalates, found in many plastics, may be. As Helen Palmer reports, the chemical industry has a lot at stake.