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Emily Henderson is a former intern at Marketplace.

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Blue-collar jobs that pay 6 figures are going unfilled

Jul 3, 2017
'This is an avenue for even some folks with college degrees.'
“There are a lot of people with college degrees now competing for some of the most competitive jobs out there, and some of them are ending up applying for jobs at 84 Lumber,” Prashant Gopal says.
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Why Americans should be taking more vacations

Jun 20, 2017
'There's a lot of work to be done' in office culture to make it OK to take time off, the Travel and Leisure editor tells us.
“The No. 1 reason actually why people don't take vacation days is that they're worried about the mountain of work that they're going to come back to,” says Nathan Lump, Travel and Leisure's editor-in-chief.
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