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Eleanor Beardsley

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Leadership changes ahead for Airbus?

Oct 9, 2006
EADS today denied reports in the German press that it has agreed to accept the resignation of the Airbus chief executive Christian Streiff. Eleanor Beardsley reports.

Baby à la benefits

Oct 4, 2006
France is bucking Europe's trend of declining birthrates by providing benefits such as guaranteed parental leave and large childcare subsidies. Eleanor Beardsley has the story.

Students flock to derivatives oracle

May 24, 2006
The high-finance world of derivatives is all the rage these days at one French school. One teacher's students have been so successful that getting into her class is almost as hard as its subject matter. Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris.

Up in smoke

Oct 18, 2005
For generations, France's signature cigarettes have been Gitanes and Gauloises. But Eleanor Beardsley reports that times are changing on the left bank.