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Music industry convenes on Internet

Feb 1, 2008
At the Midem music trade fair in Cannes, France, industry leaders gathered to discuss ways to keep business alive in the Internet age. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard's Bill Werde, who just got back from the conference.

Obama's economic adviser on the plan

Jan 31, 2008
What are Senator Barack Obama's plans for the U.S. economy? Doug Krizner speaks with Professor Austan Goolsbee, the Democratic presidential candidate's chief economic adviser.

Europe meets on global market unrest

Jan 29, 2008
European leaders are meeting today talk about the global economy and unrest in the financial markets. European correspondent Stephen Beard looks over the issues with Scott Jagow, including a need for more transparency.

Writers and producers back at the table

Jan 25, 2008
With the Oscars ceremony fast on its way and directors' contracts renewed, TV and movie writers are once again negotiating with producers. Variety's Mike Speier talks to Doug Krizner about what happens now.

Music biz changes behind EMI shakeup

Jan 18, 2008
Big-name artists are grumbling about massive layoffs and other big changes as the giant record label looks to stay afloat. Billboard's Bill Werde says it's a symptom of an entire industry in crisis.

NYSE invites AMEX indoors

Jan 18, 2008
The American Stock Exchange initially began as a group of investors barred from the New York Stock Exchange. Michael Henry of Accenture says, in the consolidation age, a merger just makes sense.

No winners in loss of awards ceremony

Jan 11, 2008
A stripped-down press conference will air this Sunday in lieu of the usual Golden Globes ceremony. Doug Krizner talks to Variety's Mike Speier about the wider effects of having no ceremony -- and whether we'll see this happen to the Oscars.

Tata's 'Nano' says 'Hello'

Jan 10, 2008
Tata Motors unveiled its new "Nano" car at the New Delhi Auto Expo, lauded as the cheapest car in the world for $2,200. Doug Krizner talks to New Delhi reporter Mehul Srivastava about what you get for the price.