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U.S., India nuclear deal still pending

Feb 27, 2008
U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wraps up a two-day visit to India, with a focus on a nuclear and fighter jet deal. Doug Krizner asks Mehul Srivastava of MINT what's at stake for American companies.

The perks of an Oscar nomination

Feb 22, 2008
After the Oscar nominations were announced, "Best Picture" contenders saw a bump at the box office. Will this continue? Doug Krizner asks Variety's Mike Speier, and discusses his picks for potential award winners.

What to do with a German treasure

Feb 21, 2008
German treasure hunters may have discovered a long-lost room carved out of amber and gold leaf stolen by Nazis from Russia during World War II. Reporter Brett Neely explains to Doug Krizner who could take the Amber Room.

Grammy hard-hitters to chart-toppers

Feb 15, 2008
Music sales have bumped up since the days the Grammys aired. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard's Bill Werde about which acts used the awards to their advantage influencing the charts and which could have hit harder.

Yahoo opens floor to Murdoch

Feb 14, 2008
In looking for ways to fend off Microsoft, Yahoo has begun talking to Rupert Murdoch. Doug Krizner talks to Marketplace's Lisa Napoli about whether a Murdoch partnership is feasible, and why Yahoo's founder objects to a Microsoft takeover.

Another take on budgeting for clothes

Feb 12, 2008
Last week, Marketplace ran a story on a high-end men's clothing designer bringing down a $300 shirt to under $200. Doug Krizner spoke to listener Britt Davis in North Carolina about what he's budgeting for clothes this year.

'Show runners' itching for episodes

Feb 11, 2008
The months-long writers' strike appears to be at an end, and some "show runners" are already planning for more episodes -- and fast. Mike Speier of Variety says that in Hollywood, the bottom line is always money.

Berlin Film Festival is a big deal

Feb 8, 2008
With stars like director Martin Scorsese lending celebrity power, the Berlin Film Festival is becoming a bigger and bigger event. Doug Krizner reviews the highlights of this year's festival with Variety's Mike Speier.

Microsoft deal makes a Google rival

Feb 1, 2008
A Microsoft-Yahoo merger could mean strong competition for Google. Doug Krizner talks to Marketplace Internet and technology report Lisa Napoli about the effects of the deal and what could happen next.

Music industry convenes on Internet

Feb 1, 2008
At the Midem music trade fair in Cannes, France, industry leaders gathered to discuss ways to keep business alive in the Internet age. Doug Krizner talks to Billboard's Bill Werde, who just got back from the conference.