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The new shotgun Taser

Feb 22, 2006
Despite concerns over deaths linked to their current model of stun gun, the makers of the Taser are unveiling a new shotgun version that can immobilize targets from as far away as 100 yards. Dan Grech has more.

India to buy Brazilian oil field

Feb 6, 2006
India has a growing appetite for oil. To feed that need India's state energy company is close to buying a 30% stake in a Brazilian oil field known as Project Sugar Loaf. Dan Grech reports from the America's Desk.

Evo Morales

Jan 20, 2006
Evo Morales is to be sworn in this weekend as Bolivia's first indigenous president. Dan Grech looks at how the left-leaning Morales is likely to impact the economy, in both his country and the Americas as a whole.

Supersizing shares of Mickey D's

Jan 18, 2006
Hedge fund investor William Ackerman wants to boost MacDonald's share price by leveraging the value of the land that sits beneath each of its restaurants. He plans to take his vision to shareholders in a presentation today. Dan Grech reports.

Just say no -- to Uruguay

Jan 17, 2006
Argentineans, incensed over plans to build Uruguayan pulp mills along a river common to the two countries, have sparked a tourist boycott that's costing Uruguay dearly. Dan Grech reports.

Mexico's minimum wage

Dec 30, 2005
Mexico raises its minimum wage this weekend to $4.50 a day. But will that do anything to slow immigration to the United States? Dan Grech reports.

Casino landfall

Dec 28, 2005
Mississippi has opened its first land-based Casino. As Dan Grech reports, it won't be its last.

Sugar dynamo

Dec 12, 2005
The nation's largest sugar producer, Domino, resumes operations today for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. It's hoped output from Domino will ease inflationary pressures on sugar prices. Dan Grech reports.

Santa Hugo

Dec 8, 2005
Venezuela has announced plans to offer low-cost heating oil to Bronx residents on the heels of a similar offer to residents in Massachusetts. Will American oil companies follow suit? Dan Grech reports.

Andean free trade

Nov 24, 2005
Trade talks between the US and three Andean nations are on the ropes today after negotiations broke down during the week. As Dan Grech reports, one of the sticking points is drugs, both legal and illegal.