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Google tries to get peoples' attention. It works.

Sep 8, 2010
Yesterday, the Google.com page was all these crazy bouncing balls. Today it's white lettering that fills in color letter by letter when you type...

Talking about Mill Valley

Sep 6, 2010
Before the Bay Area became synonymous with technology, its music scene made it famous. ...

Cybercriminals, watch out!

Sep 3, 2010
Symantec's Norton division is all about protecting us from computer viruses. Now they're going viral, too, with this guy....

Apple takes a byte out of Amazon's margins

Sep 2, 2010
Amazon is already reacting to the creation of Apple's new streaming TV service and set-top box....

Apple Announcement Rumors: Music to Our Ears

Aug 31, 2010
With Apple all set to make several announcements tomorrow about its music services and product line, the rumor mill is kicking into overdrive. S...

Blockbuster bust?

Aug 27, 2010
No more evenings wandering around Blockbuster amidst popcorn-y carpet smells and confusion about which recent movies are worth taking home. The...

Growing number of people 50+ use social media

Aug 27, 2010
We tend to think the people on Facebook are young, college-aged and writing about last night's party.  Those people are indeed there.  But, there...

What Gmail Voice will give Google

Aug 26, 2010
Everybody's talking about the new service Google rolled out yesterday - making voice calls through Gmail.  Wired's Ryan Single has an...

What helium means in a world of screens

Aug 25, 2010
Nobel laureate and Cornell University physics professor Robert Richardson has a warning about helium.  The world is running out of it. And that...