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It's Ken Lay's turn

Apr 24, 2006
Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay takes the witness stand in the Enron fraud trial today. And as Alisa Roth reports, his main defense is likely to be: "I had no idea what was going on."

Sarbanes-Oxley relief for small businesses?

Apr 19, 2006
SEC regulators want to let small companies take a pass on some of the toughest rules of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, one of the big legacies of the Enron scandal. Alisa Roth reports.

Light at the end of Delta's tunnel?

Apr 19, 2006
The leaders of Delta's pilots union sit down today to discuss a proposed compromise plan to keep both the pilots and the bankrupt carrier in business. As Alisa Roth reports, the pilots may have no choice but to accept the plan.

Reading the Fed's tea leaves

Apr 18, 2006
The Federal Reserve is expected to release minutes from it most recent meeting today, and analysts are expected to pore over the text to find insight into the thinking of new Fed chief Ben Bernanke. Alisa Roth reports.

Hu's first stop: The House of Gates

Apr 17, 2006
Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the United States this week. He travels first to Seattle, where he'll visit Bill Gates. As Alisa Roth reports, the stop is a victory in Gates' ongoing battle against pirated software in China.

Starbucks brews up a movie promotion

Apr 4, 2006
The coffee retailer becomes a movie marketer today, launching a publicity campaign to promote a film it also helped produced. Alisa Roth has more.

What to do about Iran?

Mar 20, 2006
Today, the UN Security Council holds its first official meeting to decide what to do about Iran and its nuclear program. Alisa Roth reports.

Corporate philanthropy

Mar 7, 2006
Commentator Matthew Bishop looks at the motives besides altruism for corporations' charitable donations.

Enron trial heats up

Mar 6, 2006
It's been largely a bore so far, but the Enron trial is likely to get a lot more interesting this week, with expected testimony from ex-CFO Andrew Fastow on alleged accounting shenanigans at the collapsed energy giant. Alisa Roth reports.

Intel Inside... Vietnam

Feb 28, 2006
The computer chipmaker announces today that it plans to construct a $300 million assembly plant in Vietnam. As Alisa Roth reports, the former US foe hopes the move will spur greater foreign investment.