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‘You’ve got mail’ (and a spunky dial-up business)

Tony Wagner Feb 12, 2015
$19.2 million

How much Wisconsin governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker raised from outside his state amid a recall election in 2012. The New York Times’ Upshot reports that number, and the recall election he won, as key to his chances looking toward the Republican primary. Walker’s donors tend to be more conservative than those of key rival Jeb Bush. Plus Walker has attracted plenty of small donors, which were important to President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

2 hours

How long the third season of “House of Cards” was available Wednesday on Netflix’s site before being taken down. Not due to be released on Netflix until Feb. 27, the series was mistakenly put on the site due to a bug

8 percent

The vacancy rate at American malls last year, up from 5.4 percent in 2006. Bloomberg has analyzed hundreds of malls and thousands of stores, compiling their findings into six graphs, showing the state of the slowly-dying behemoths, and the people who shop at them.


6 out of 12

In an investigation by Wired Magazine, six out of 12 surveyed day-care facilities affiliated with tech companies had below-average vaccination rates, and therefore do not have enough vaccinated children to realize “herd immunity.” Pixar had the lowest immunization numbers, with less than 50 percent of employees’ children receiving vaccinations.

$602.5 million

How much AOL made last year from its old but still active dial-up Internet business, which still boasts 2.2 million subscribers. Quartz reports AOL has done an excellent job retaining that business, while making more on a per-subscriber basis each year.

2.5 million

Average nightly viewers of “The Daily Show” in 2012, a ratings peak over the past six years. The show was at its most popular during election season, the Washington Post points out, which will likely turn Jon Stewart’s departure just ahead of 2016 into a headache for Comedy Central.

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