16 percent

The number of people who get their news from radio, according to a new study. That's twice the number who get their news from digital sources, so take that, Internet! (Poynter)

$1.1 billion

The value of Sony shares owned by billionaire Daniel Loeb's hedge fund. Loeb, known for pushing out Yahoo's last CEO, is attempting to pressure the Japanese electronics giant to spin off its entertainment division. (NYT)

30 percent

The percentage of total methane emissions in the Earth's atmosphere that is naturally occurring, through sources like eternal flames. Geologists are still unsure of the source of an eternal flame in Chestnut Ridge Park, outside Buffalo, New York. (ScienceDirect)


The size of those currently endorsed for prostitution on LinkedIn. The company wants escorts to stop using the networking site, and added a mention of it in their newly released terms (BusinessInsider)


The hourly rate for black market Disney tour guides. This sounds expensive at first, until you learn they're handicapped individuals who also offer you a free pass to the front of the line. (NY Post)