Whiteboard book give-away: And the winner is….

Paddy Hirsch Aug 31, 2012
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Whiteboard book give-away: And the winner is….

Paddy Hirsch Aug 31, 2012

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas with future topics for my Whiteboard video series. Nearly a hundred suggestions came in this week from viewers who wrote in on our website and on our YouTube channel. So thanks for sending those in.

You suggested some great topics! Here are some of the highlights: Jason Li, wrote in to ask how China uses it’s currency reserves. Drew Betz suggested that I look at RV sales as an economic indicator. Dominic Ng wanted to learn about “net-offs” by traders and brokers. And Doreen Overstreet let us know she’s interested in how companies pay so little in taxes. Another good one came from Joe Conley, who asked about interbank lending. All great topics for future Whiteboards – thank you!

This week’s signed book goes to….
We used a random number generator to select one person from all of those who submitted to send a signed copy of my book Man vs. Markets.

The lucky viewer is: Chris Oroshiba!

Chris sent in a suggestion about Quantitative Easing, asking how it’s supposed to juice the economy. QE is a favorite subject of mine, and it’s certainly in the air right now with the Jackson Hole meeting this week, and Bernanke’s statement saying he can’t rule out using QE in the future. So I may well do a Whiteboard on this issue next week. Meantime, check out my explainer on the topic from 2008:

The give-away continues!
Please keep sending in your ideas for future Whiteboard topics. Post a comment on our give-away page and each week we’ll pick another random winner from the list to send out a signed copy of Man vs Markets.

And have a great weekend.

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