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Tess Vigeland: My name is Bob Tedrow and we're sitting in my show room in my music store in Homewood, Ala.

I have a music store. I build musical instruments, specifically concertinas, squeeze boxes.

Sound of Tedrow playing concertina

I have various credit cards, UPS cards, my registration. I have the key to my shop, so I don't have to lose it. I guess I lost it, I wonder where that is...

Driver's license, a little bit of money. I see here I have something in my wallet that I've had for a while. This Hungarian lady showed me how to fold a dollar bill, so that it looks like a shirt. She came to visit the shop. I speak about 50 words of Hungarian, none of them useful, except for "I like beer" and "hello" and "thank you," that sort of thing. And she came into the shop, she sold me an accordion. And before she left, she asked if I had grandchildren and would I like to see how to make a shirt out of a dollar bill? And I said, certainly, I would love to. It has sleeves, it has a collar, it has jewelry, it has a little necklace on it. And I've kept it in my wallet for years and years. She showed me how to do it; I promptly forgot. But I did save this nice little piece of artwork to show my grandchildren one day.

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