With 151,000 jobs added to the economy in October, we examine where the strongest growth took place. Good news for investors, the Federal Reserve might allow banks to boost dividends to them. And what is the future of climate change legislationnow that the GOP is the majority in Congress?

U.S. companies look beyond American borders to overseas sales, which are vital for their growth. Maybe that is the reason President Obama and a U.S. business delegation are headed to Mumbai, India, to seek opportunities in the defense, banking, retail and agriculture industries. Over in Europe, Moody's and Standard & Poor's face a potential downgrade, as plans are made to lower their ratings influence. And following an airplane mid-air blowout in Singapore, one of the companies that made the engine, Rolls Royce, is under the microscope.

Have you always wanted to be a sports team owner? Find out how that attitude may be the reason behind the financial success of the Seattle Sounders. Also, should a cop be paid $2 million for getting donuts? And finally, what is the connection between The Police and a race horse named Zenyatta?