A data mining can leave you feeling drained.
A data mining can leave you feeling drained. - 
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Will privacy one day be just a blip in history? A quaint notion from another time? It's easy to think that way if you spend any time looking at the issue of data mining. Here's the deal: we as a society have struck a bargain. We want our high tech lovely things, we enjoy our mobile phones, our social media, our interconnectivity. But we pay for that brave new world with our data. We're constantly giving over all sorts of information about ourselves through web browsers, cell phones, even when we use those little discount cards at the supermarket. Stacey Vanek-Smith of our sister program Marketplace has been looking into the world of data mining and we mine her data to see what she's learned. We also talk with Andreas Weigend is former chief scientist at Amazon.com. He now consults with businesses on data issues. He says we're serving it up on a platter.