Small Talk

Small Talk: Airline fees, New York subways, and retro stamps

Marketplace Staff Jul 16, 2010
Small Talk

Small Talk: Airline fees, New York subways, and retro stamps

Marketplace Staff Jul 16, 2010


Tess Vigeland: As we wrap things up today, how about a moment to get away from BP and the banks, and review some of the other news of the week. Items that, shall we say, didn’t quite make the headlines, courtesy of Brendan Newnam, Rico Gagliano and the some of the staff here at Marketplace.

Brendan Newnam: Paddy Hirsch, senior editor from Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about at your dinner parties this weekend?

Paddy Hirsch: I’m going to be talking about the CEO of Spirit Airlines.

Newnam: Why?

Hirsch: Because apparently this guy believes that baggage is not essential when you’re going on vacation.

Newnam: Psychological baggage?

Hirsch: No, any baggage at all. Even a carry-on. It’s seen as a luxury and they’re going to charge you for it.

Newnam: When he said that was he unshaven and wearing a rumpled suit?

Rico Gagliano: Jeremy Hobson, New York reporter, what story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Hobson: Well, Rico here in New York we had these unlimited metro cards that allow you to use the subway or the buses as much as possible. Well now, because of budget cuts, the MTA wants to make it so that you can only use your unlimited card 90 times throughout the month.

Gagliano: So the unlimited card will not actually be unlimited.

Hobson: Exactly! What’s next here, you’re going to limit the amount of breadsticks you can get at the Olive Garden to 90? It seems unreasonable.

Gagliano: I also have to say that New York has a history of this. The city that never sleeps, I know that portions of the Bronx sleep. I’m pretty sure Flatbush sleeps. You’re all hyperbole New York.

Newnam: Stacey Vanek Smith, senior reporter at Marketplace. What’s your story this weekend?

Stacey Vanek Smith: The U.S. Postal Service has just announced it’s releasing a new series of stamps based on the funnies.

Newnam: The funnies? What are the funnies?

Vanek Smith: The funnies from the newspaper!

Newnam: Oh I see so like the Sunday comics?

Vanek Smith: Yes, from the comics.

Newnam: Well I guess this makes sense because the only people who buy newspapers are probably the same people who buy stamps.

Vanek Smith I buy stamps! You don’t buy stamps?

Like their next collection is going to have landline phones on it.

Tess Vigeland: That’s just a taste of what Rico and Brendan can do. You can get the full serving on their podcast. It’s called The Dinner Party Download. We have a link at

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