Net Neutrality in 140 characters or less

author198 May 6, 2010

We’ve been looking at the FCC announcement today for a possible episode. I’ve been following the net neutrality debate for years but I still find that when I have to explain it to, say, my mom, it’s hard and it takes a while. So today on Twitter I asked people, via both @FutureTenseAPM and @johnmoe, to define the issue in a tweet. Here are some of the answers I got:

@acarvin not allowing ISPs to block sites/services because they don’t like them or they’re bad for business.

@ChrisShields A toll-booth free internet.

@Pubradiobkr Net neutrality: keeping the even playing field of the Internet even.

@mdtolic When u pay for Internet access, u get full UNRESTRICTED access to Internet. Any & all of it; not just what a ISP deems acceptable.

@zorbadgreek the ability for you to see this tweet without either of us having to pay extra

@lateandsoon All bits bright and beautiful / All packets great and small / All sites wise and otherwise / Web shan’t delay at all.

@lucydb8 Tubes are for all. Faster tubes based on protocols, not origin or destination. Tube-keepers can be Tube-users, but don’t be a dick.

@bureaukat If it’s there, I should see it, whether it helps you make money or not.

@jaydeflix No business shall give another business preference when it comes to internet traffic.

and also, helpfully:

@Wonder_Beard Net neutrality is the neutrality you take home after taxes on the gross neutrality.

Feel free to add your own below!

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