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Your next Facebook friend? A robot!

Rico Gagliano May 6, 2009

Your next Facebook friend? A robot!

Rico Gagliano May 6, 2009


Kai Ryssdal: We read an item this morning about an experiment at the University of the United Arab Emirates. Researchers there want to make it easier for robots to converse with humans. And they’re using Facebook to do it. Among other things the robot is going to use facial recognition software to find your picture on Facebook and then use the information it finds on your page to have a real life conversation. The Marketplace Players wonder how that might go.

JOHN: Honey, look – a robot!

ROBOT: Hello, Mr. Jack Johnson.

JOHN: How’d you know my name?

ROBOT: Facebook. And this must be Jane Smith.

JANE: Very good! Hello.

ROBOT: I see your relationship is complicated.

JANE: Oh, do I still have that on there?

ROBOT: Is the complication due to the photos on Facebook of John drinking vodka from a woman’s belly?

JOHN: That was, that was college!

JANE: I told him to take that down. Why didn’t you take that down?

ROBOT: The woman Cherry Wilson gets Facebook gifts from John.

JANE: Really. I hadn’t noticed.

JOHN: They’re silly little things.

ROBOT: Like a little picture of flowers.

JOHN: OK — shut up, robot.

ROBOT: On Valentine’s Day.

JOHN: I said be quiet!

JANE: No, John, I think we should let him talk!

ROBOT: And he started a Cherry Wilson fan page.

JANE: I am so sick of this relationship!

JOHN: Jane, wait! I hate you, robot! I hate you!

ROBOT: Come back. I just want to chat. I can’t wait to blog about this.

RYSSDAL: Rico Gagliano wrote it. Michelle Philippe helped him get it on the air.

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