A physician assistant of family medicine wears a stethoscope.
A physician assistant of family medicine wears a stethoscope. - 


LISA NAPOLI: Tackling the health care crisis, one state at a time. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has unveiled legislation that aims to help the uninsured. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai explains.

HILLARY WICAI: The Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured includes organizations that aren't, shall we say, usually eager to work together.

The Coalition's Mary Grealy says the group includes doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, consumer and business groups.

MARY GREALY: The coalition definitely is strange bedfellows. This really was an opportunity for everyone to check their weapons at the door, roll up their sleeves and try to reach consensus.

Healthcare analyst Diane Rowland at the Kaiser Family Foundation says strange bedfellows come together because they have to.

DIANE ROWLAND: They're all being plagued by the gaps in our health insurance system and the rising costs.

Today, about 47 million Americans lack health insurance.

In Washington, I'm Hillary Wicai for Marketplace.