OK Go's kaleidoscopic magic

The hipster, pop-band OK Go has a new video out. And it is interactive. It uses HTML 5 and a whole lot of little browser windows crate a kind of video magic.

You begin by typing a message into what looks like a search box and clicking go. But you'll need an up to date browser - it works best with Chrome. And before you start you might want to close down other programs on your computer. What the band has in mind will tax your computers processing power. Be patient and eventually the band will begin to play. And what you'll see is worth the wait. I don't want to spoil the affect but let's just say involves a malleable blue unitard kaleidoscope.

If you're trying to wrap your mind around that sentence, you can watch to old-fashion linear video below. but you'll have more fun if you follow this link instead.

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