Blogging the volatile markets

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Before a bail out plan should be approved let's first make sure the people who grew enormously rich from the casino like dealings that were going on are "rewarded". The executives and their firm's people who engineered these money making gambles need to be handcuffed, put in jail, and their assets seized. Also, don't forget to look in hiding places like Swiss banks to get to their assets. Also no payments of any kind to them or their families. Since what they did was so painful to most all innocent Americans they, the curprits in the financial mess, need to be stopped and their prior profits from the "gambling casino" be returned to the tax payers.
We need accountable and responsibility now to restore confidence to our financial system. Holding individuals responsible I think will restore confidence by sending a message that people will not get away with causing so much suffering and panic. FBI-GET GOING-CATCH ALL THE CROOKS.

I have an annuity with AIG. In light of this financial mess, what should I do with it? I am in my early 50's and have already lost tens of thousands in my 401k and 457 accounts, my stock portfolio, etc. I was planning on retirement in a couple of years, but I will probably have to work another 5 or 10 to recoup these losses.

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