See value instead of waste through ReUse.

It's important to see value when people are ready to throw things out. By seeing value at the back end of the material stream, you not only save the environment, but you save money. And why not? We spent trillions of dollars during the industrial age to figure out how to turn crude oil and raw metals into products. Now, we have all these resources above ground. It's time to see value at the back end of the material stream, i.e. see waste as the new raw material.

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When ReUse Connection goes live in mid 2011, it looks like it will be a terrific place for manufacturing and commercial businesses to locate raw materials that others consider scrap.

For individuals, I suggest going through your local www.FreeCycle.org and/or the Free items on your local Craigslist at http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites.

Stay local, give it away to people who can pick it up and use it.

Take a look at the lists--there's furniture, wide screen TVs, everything from baby formula to kitty litter, from clothes to cars. It is all free.

No postage, no long-distance shipping--just a local, green, and economic way to avoid sending good stuff to the dump.

And if you need building supplies, use your local Habitat for Humanity Re-store at http://www.habitat.org/restores/default.aspx

Good luck! Reduce. Re-use. Re-cycle. This is the best path--and keep it local.

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