Playlist: Obama's newest plan for America, longing for the Wonder Years

Posted by Mary Dooe

For Marketplace Morning Report, Mon., Sept. 19, 2011

This morning, President Obama announces his new deficit reduction plan, which includes everything from bringing troops home from the Middle East to increasing taxes on some of the richer Americans. Meanwhile, Greece and Yemen are experiencing their own financial and economic problems, for very different reasons. One reporter finds out what happens to solar panels now that Solyndra is out of the picture, and another asks why we can't watch the Wonder Years on DVD yet -- or ever.

And here are the songs we played today:

  • Living Proof - Cat PowerBuy
  • The Heinrich Maneuver - InterpolBuy
  • Cload - Four Tet
  • Adult Goth - Gang Gang DanceBuy
  • Everything Falls Apart - The One AM RadioBuy

About the author

Mary Dooe is an associate producer, and works for both the radio and digital teams.


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