VIDEO: No glee in trade war

A mosaic of international currencies

That jobs report was less than the sunny --
Looks like the Fed will be printing money.

Japan has slashed its interest rate
and that's set off a great debate.
If every state
tries to inflate
so they can create
jobs, well, wait.
Then they'll start to recriminate.

And a trade war
would come to the fore.
And soon we're exchanging goods no more
And that... economists abhor.

A shocking exposure
about foreclosure:
Some of them were less than kosher.

And the Beatles have fewer hits than "Glee."
The musical show on Fox TV
just passed the guys who did Ob-la-di.
I'll see you at Marketplace.org.

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Ah, what comic relief ... Thanks, Bill! :)

Your instructions for posting a comment made me laugh as I wondered if we could apply them to all political candidates and office holders .Whenever one of the aforementioned group opened his mouth to speak , he would affirm that what he had to say would be civil, brief and relevant and forthis group , we might want to add and the truth so help me God..

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