VIDEO: Bill's goodbye

Bill Radke

I could talk about unemployment's rise or
the dollar's demise or
the deficit's size or
gold's new highs or
foreclosure surprise or
the Nobel Prize or
maybe Pfiz-
er's consolidation
with a corporation
that makes pain medication
for an aging nation.

But either way...
I'm leaving this station.
Gonna relocate
to my old home state
so dozens
of cousins
can have a play date.

Be as well as can be.
Thanks for listening to me
and best wishes to Marketplace.org

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I miss you bill! Your Friday poems were really fantastic.

I too was getting ready to start using the show with my newest group of business students! It was a wonderful way to get them interested in both business and current events. We'll miss you.

I will miss Bill Radke so much, especially on Fridays.

weeks of marketplace have passed since you cantillated your musical farewell! you're missed! please reconsider! writing a poem from seattle would break this spell!

Somebody has to continue the mornings poems. They make my days! Your voice will be missed!

You will be missed! My brother just got me hooked on Marketplace, too.

OH, NO!!! My students are going to be devastated! I've offered them bonus points for presenting your poems in class each week!!

So long Bill. Best wishes.

I will the weekly wrap up. Marketplace is the favorite part of my daily work drive.

as I learned long ago, nothing last forever.

You will be missed.

Ohhhhh - we will miss you! Good Luck.


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