Who picked the word 'sequester' anyway?

A final thought, which goes like this. We've just gotta find a new word for "sequester." Because really, it's just not fun to say -- or hear. At least "fiscal cliff" had a certain ring to it, even though we didn't really love that either.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to get some traction for "Obamaquester." Funny, if not entirely accurate.

So over to you. Tweet us @MarketplaceAPM or @KaiRyssdal, or comment below with your suggestion.

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Kerbubble - A blending of kerfuffle and bubble.
It's a commotion or fuss over something blown out of proportion by all the hot air in Washington DC and could be fixed by a pin being pressed into a sensitive area causing a moment of action and a small splash as the elements finally fall back into place.

mjsNYC has so far been the closest, and I must say I came up with my similar one independently. It's an ode to my brother who served in Viet Nam where I believe the term originated, and was resurrected by Jon Stewart, "Clusterf**k", so the NPR acceptable term would be "Seclusterfest".

Okay, not at all PC, but it reflects the times we live in and the hubris of many politicians....SEQUESTBATION. def- The act by politicians of simultaneously taking the American economy down the tubes while stroking their massive egos, SEQUESTBATION.

Squerf -- it's a noun or it's a verb blending sequestration with furlough. For federal employees an impending furlough means we're being squerfed! It's a rapid, indiscriminant, sloppy slash.

I like Dumb-Ster. Has its own merit plus hints at a place to send the folks who are taking us to the brink


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