Walgreens to expand, and more economic acronyms

A Walgreens location.

This final note today, a little corporate news then some fun. Walgreens, the slightly struggling drugstore chain, is looking overseas for growth. It's gonna spend almost $7 billion for the European health and beauty retailer Alliance Boots.

If you're thinking right now -- 'That's great, but why does that matter?' -- here's why. Together the pair will be the world's single biggest buyer of prescription drugs. Also? Scientists at Boots are the ones who invented ibuprofen.

Now, just to cap off our listings of economic acronyms, we got this from Penelope on Facebook. "Is there a cutesy acronym for an old cheapskate working to be debt-free?"

But the most poignant? Amy, also on our Facebook page: "I hate it that my sweet baby's name has become an acronym."

We're gonna figure that's HENRY, not SITCOM or YUPPIE.

If you've got your own acronym for today's economic times? You know where to find us. Facebook or on Twitter, that's @MarketplaceAPM.

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How about Optimistic Senior Citizen Anticipating Retirement (OSCAR)?

I listened with amusing intrigue to your acronym "sigh" which led me wonder what do you call a woman with the same qualifications: would it be "sighal"? In which case, add an "n" for "nice" and you get "singhal". Well pronounce it and you get the idea.....

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