Activists launch debt forgiveness campaign

Protesters march in the downtown financial district of Los Angeles to mark the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement on October 1, 2012.

It's been more than a year since Occupy Wall Street made its debut in New York's Zucotti Park. Tonight a new initiative kicks off with an online celebrity telethon.

The telethon will raise money to buy up and then pay off ordinary peoples' debts. It comes from an Occupy branch called Strike Debt, and they're calling the initiative "Rolling Jubilee."

Ann Larson, an organizer, shares the goals of the campaign and how it aims to raise awareness about our country's opaque debt system.

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Beggars? Should one be labelled a beggar because we have a health care system that beggars people through no fault of their own? Why we consider it appropriate to give BILLIONS to banksters (who caused the financial meltdown through their own greed and hubris) but yet the concept of giving a few millions to homeowners is considered indulgent and unAmerican?
Better had we given the money to every homeowner at risk or underwater in their mortgage rather then enable the unethical financial industry to continue to do the very same practices that put us in the largest downturn in history short of the Great Depression. Oh, and we gave (thank you Mr. Bush) the money with no constraints, no requirements and not even a transparent accounting to the taxpayers footing the bill (you know...the 98%). How naive you are, but then it is more comfortable to blame the vicitms than to take a close look at the real villians, eh?
I think the Occupy folks are brilliant to use the very mechanisms big business has created in order to liberate people! Absoutely brilliant. I hope they evolve this strategy into even more areas to allow people to free themselves from financial mistakes since they don't have the option of bailouts from DC.

So, in other words, they're a bunch of beggars.

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