Mid-day Extra: Should we re-invent the calendar?

How would a baseball season look if games were on the same day of the week every year?

On Sunday we are about to turn the page on our current calendar.

But researchers from Johns Hopkins believe that the new calendar we may be putting up on the wall is wrong. They say the way our current calendar is all laid out makes Americans inefficient.

In today's Mid-day Extra, we ask: should we tweak the calendar to boost business?

Here to talk with us is Steve Hanke, one of the researchers working on the project. He's with us from Baltimore.

He says that by making a few simple adjustments, everything from baseball season to interest payments could be made easier. Now, you just have to get people used to the idea that their birthday could be on a Tuesday every year...

Intrigued by the calendar? Download yesterday's Mid-Day Update podcast -- in it, we explored how the calendar business is doing in the iphone era.

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Adriene Hill is a senior multimedia reporter for the Marketplace sustainability desk, with a focus on consumer issues and the individual relationship to sustainability and the environment.
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What an annoying and unnecessary idea. What century does Mr Henke come from; computers make calculating dates both easy and error free. It took us 10,000 years to get everyone on the same calendar. So leave the calendar alone already, it works fine. And while we are at it leave the clock alone; daylight savings time is another annoying, ridiculous idea. If you want more daylight adjust your personal schedule, rather than dislocating and inconveniencing the whole world.

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