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Not so fast, Internet

Oct 31, 2011
Cable TV earnings came out late last week and temporarily put to rest cord-cutting theories. Sure 'the kids' watch clips of their favorite pregnant...
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Shoe 1: New Google TV

Oct 31, 2011
When Google TV launched last year, it was the equivalent of a potentially delicious loaf of bread that had not yet been baked. The ingredients were...
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Shoe 2: YouTube Explosion!

Oct 31, 2011
On Friday Google announced the upcoming launch of 100 YouTube channels some time next year, which "will generate about 25 hours of new, original...
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Pop music somehow becomes even more artificial than the Black-Eyed Peas

Oct 28, 2011
An hour-long augmented reality concert took place in Japan yesterday, featuring 3-D characters that have been consistently ranking in the top 10...
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Hackers have been close to causing major damage against government networks

Oct 28, 2011
We talk about hacks against US government computers a lot on Tech Report. That's because we are AT WAR. There are people constantly trying to break...
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Groupon and Google go all out

Oct 28, 2011
While Groupon is out vaudeville-ing around the globe trying to sell people on its soon-to-be-released IPO, Google Offers is working hard upstage it...
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There are Facebook Friends and then there are TRUSTED Facebook Friends

Oct 28, 2011
As part of a new security measure, Facebook will let you designate three to five friends who can access your account in case you are unable to do...
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Those TVs might not sell all that great in Scotland, Siri doesn't wear plaid very well

Oct 28, 2011
Siri has received generally positive reviews since the 4S was launched. It seems to do a pretty decent job of freeing your fingers while answering...
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"Siri, are there any old Dukes of Hazzard reruns on?"

Oct 28, 2011
We've been hearing a lot of rumors lately about an Apple TV being in development. It will supposedly be to TVs what the iPhone was to phones, a...
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HP keeps the PC and will bring out a Windows tablet

Oct 28, 2011
New HP CEO Meg Whitman says the company will not spin off the PC business as previously speculated. Lots of reasons for this, including not wanting...
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