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Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan addressed poverty today in a speech at Cleveland State University. A new survey says U.S. carbon emissions are falling and will go down almost 17 percent by 2020. Barnes and Noble has released the list of the 63 stores where its customers may have been victims of credit theft. New online startups are creating virtual banks where kids can deposit their allowance and either save it or spend it. Britain’s last iconic black cab maker may be going out of business. And Krissy Clark talks to two small business owners about their views on the election.

Coen brothers return to Fargo

Some Fargo residents didn't love the Coen Brothers' famous film. So will they embrace a TV adaptation 16 years later?
Posted In: fargo, North Dakota, film, coen brothers

Iconic London taxi faces uncertain future

The maker of London’s famed black cabs has filed for bankruptcy protection. Recession, quality issues and competition have hit profits.
Posted In: London, taxicabs, taxis

A virtual bank for the kids' allowance

The average child’s allowance is $65 a month. That’s $780 a year. How do you keep track of all that money? A slew of online startups is trying to solve that problem -- creating virtual banks managed by parents and their kids.
Posted In: allowance, Money Matters

Two small businessmen, two views on taxes

Business owners share friendship and a passion for dirt bikes, but are far apart when it comes to taxes and politics.
Posted In: Election 2012, Taxes, Small Business, entrepreneurs

Ryan says private sector key to ending high poverty

VP candidate says businesses can grow jobs and private donations can displace the safety net.
Posted In: poverty, Election 2012, safety net, food stamps

Moving to Canada? Better get a lawyer

The old political punchline about moving to Canada if an election goes the wrong way is more than a joke to some -- and a lot harder to pull off than most people suspect.
Posted In: Canada, politics

The data in that debit card you're holding can be swiped

Barnes & Noble said debit card keypads in 63 stores were hacked so customers' data was stolen as they swiped their cards.
Posted In: debit card, Barnes & Noble

Carbon dioxide emissions are falling in the U.S.

Global warming didn't get even a mention in the three presidential debates, but a new study says the U.S. is on track to meet its pledge to reduce emissions by one-sixth. A major reason: the power of federal regulation.
Posted In: carbon emissions

Justice Department sues Bank of America over mortgage fraud

The Justice Department says Countrywide Financial -- which B of A bought in 2008 -- cranked out bad home loans without proper checks to make sure they were legit, and then sold those mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Posted In: Bank of America, Countrywide, mortgage fraud, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

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