Marketplace for Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More unveiled about Blackwater

Private security firm Blackwater lost its rich contract with the State Department in Iraq, and we're still finding out why. Kai Ryssdal talks to reporter Mark Mazzetti of The New York Times on new information about Blackwater.

Why traders don't trust word on dollar

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner continues to repeat the official mantra that the U.S. supports a strong dollar. But some currency traders believe the official policy doesn't mind a weak dollar. John Dimsdale reports.
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Does Black Friday matter anymore?

Retail stores are getting a jump on Black Friday with big sales ahead of schedule. So with so many discounts at consumers' whims, why even bother with Black Friday? Ashley Milne-Tyte gets opinions from shoppers.

Funding could help malnutrition battle

A report out today from the United Nations Children's Fund links poor nutrition to a third of all child deaths under the age of 5. Jeff Tyler reports that hunger is, in theory, one of those problems that money could easily solve.

WIC stores undergo healthy makeover

The WIC federal nutrition program has just undergone a makeover, and vouchers are now good for fresh produce and healthy foods. This switch has put thousands of WIC-certified stores through some changes of their own. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Bank robbers prefer laptops to guns

The Justice Department has indicted eight computer hackers who prosecutors say pulled off a global ATM heist last year. Jeremy Hobson explores the modern age of bank robbery and the more commonplace presence of digital financial fraud.
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A cownose by any other name is edible

Cownose rays are becoming a growing menace on fishing in the Cheasapeake Bay. So some local oystermen are finding ways to turn the predators into a meal. But to make the rays more appetizing, they need some good marketing. Sabri Ben-Achour reports.
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America ends love affair with the SUV

When Americans junked their old cars under the Cash for Clunkers program, they replaced them with more efficient, smaller vehicles. Commentator David Frum draws some larger economy lessons from Detroit's recent troubles.
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