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Google, Microsoft and Facebook are calling on the U.S. government to reveal how often they get national security requests for information. The Internet companies are fighting the perception they were willing participants in the National Security Agency's widespread monitoring of electronic communications. Also, Pandora buys a small radio station South Dakota for what it hopes are big savings. And our "Consumed" series continues, as we delve deeper into the half-life of the consumer economy.

Silicon Valley companies call for greater transparency in PRISM program

The tech companies' sudden, overt concern about transparency in government surveillance may be as much about protecting themselves as consumers.
Posted In: nsa, PRISM, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, transparency

Why family and business don’t mix: Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner has yet another reason to blame your parents for pretty much everything.
Posted In: family business

Sleepless in...Hollywood and the rise of the franchise

"Sleepless in Seattle" producer Lynda Obst explains why studios can't stop making sequels.
Posted In: hollywood, film, Entertainment

Why Pandora bought a radio station in South Dakota

The music-streaming company Pandora has bought a small radio station in South Dakota. Owning a radio station could allow Pandora to pay smaller royalties that apply to... radio stations.
Posted In: radio, pandora, South Dakota

How a part-time economy impacts consumers

To cut corners and increase profits, businesses are increasingly hiring more part-time or temporary workers. But that plan may backfire, when those workers become consumers who don't want to spend.
Posted In: part-time jobs, Jobs, temporary staffing

A part-time career alters life's expectations

Our economy creates a growing number of part-time and temporary jobs. That means more insecure workers -- and consumers -- who can't plan for the future.
Posted In: part-time jobs, adjunct professor, temporary staffing

U.S. NAVY STOPS YELLING AT YOU by dropping all-capitals communications

For 150 years, the official Navy communications system only allowed FOR ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
Posted In: navy

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