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Last night, President Obama addressed the nation, stressing job creation, tax rates and environment. But have we heard this before? Kai Ryssdal rewinds the tape and takes us back to the voices of Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and George H. W. Bush. One year after the Mubarak regime was toppled, Egypt's economy isn't doing so great. But did the Egyptian protests inspire demonstrations around the world? And in the latest installment of Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner debunks some Super Bowl myths.

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JCPenney overhauls pricing

New CEO Ron Johnson unveils the retail chain's strategy for taking the crazy out of discounts and promotions.
Posted In: JC Penney

Where Arab Spring and Occupy meet

One year after the Arab Spring began, two activists in Cairo and New York discuss how the Middle East protests inspired the Occupy movement, and where both go from here.
Posted In: One Year On

Tackling old football myths

That old adage about defense winning the game? Not true.
Posted In: American Football, football, Super Bowl

A State of the Union 30-year rewind: The speech hasn't changed much

President Obama delivered an election-year State of the Union address last night. Past presidents have touched on many of the themes Obama raised -- some of them, word for word.
Posted In: State of the Union

How Apple makes its profit

Apple's formula is classic: Buy low, sell high -- over and over and over.
Posted In: apple

Greece's debt, compared to Apple's profit

Let's just say that Apple could bail out a country.
Posted In: apple, Greece

Egypt’s business owners worry about uncertainty

A year after protests that toppled Egypt’s long-time ruler Hosni Mubarak, Egypt has more democracy but many worried businesspeople.
Posted In: One Year On

Reaction to Obama's State of the Union

Jai Damian, a 41-year-old working part time, shares her thoughts on the president's State of the Union address and how much time she's willing to give him to get something done.
Posted In: State of the Union, Barack Obama

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