Marketplace for Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Marketplace for Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A tax on empty house owners in France

In France, many people feel that empty houses are going to waste. So some protesters are trying to force owners to let their property out by hitting them with an empty house tax. John Laurenson reports.
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NYC's homeless may pay shelter rent

People in New York City who live in homeless shelters and have jobs may be forced to pay rent because of a rule the city is enforcing. Alisa Roth reports.
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Study: Handling money minimizes pain

Professor Kathleen Vohs talks with Tess Vigeland about a study she helped lead that says handling dollar bills actually helps ease both physical and mental pain.

Supporting veterans from behind bars

As the recession drags on, charitable giving in the U.S. has become less of a priority. But one group of unlikely philanthropists hasn't been fazed by the recession. Sonata Lee Narcisse reports.
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New health plan leaves a simple choice

The health care reform law may be complicated, but commentator Glenn Hubbard says the fiscal choice it leaves the country is, finally, simple.
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UnitedHealth partners for diabetes fight

Health insurers will have to cover start covering everyone in a few years. That means they should want their customers to be as healthy as possible. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on one insurer's focus on helping folks stay out of the doctor's office.
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Will China accept foreign aid for quake?

People worldwide want to donate to the relief effort in China after a 7.1 earthquake rocked the Qinghai province. But the Chinese government has a reputation for exerting tight control, so will they be open to international help? Rico Gagliano reports.

Why Republicans say reform is a bailout

Republicans have started characterizing the financial reform bill as a bailout even though its Democratic sponsors say the whole point is to end bailouts. So which is it? Brett Neely reports.

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