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Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman talks to Kai Ryssdal about the company’s quarterly loss and the allegations of misrepresentation. France has had a tough week, after being downgraded by Moody's yesterday. Here in the U.S., some food pantries can’t afford to give away turkeys. High schools and colleges across the country have moved from grass to artificial turf for their sports fields, but there are health concerns involved. We hear another first-person narrative from the mancamps in North Dakota. And Ruben Martinez discusses his book “Desert America,” which looks at the economic boom and bust that’s changed the West.

French credit rating slips, but national attitude is defiant

French bonds fell today in the wake of Moody's downgrading the nation's credit rating. So is the second largest economy in Europe shrugging its collective shoulders? Non!
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Joshua Tree's gentrification

Author Rubén Martínez discusses our relationship with the desert and why we keep returning to it.
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Turkey giveaway programs say donations are down

One agency fills the turkey donation gap with free chickens instead.
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Artificial turf spreads, but recycled rubber raises concerns

Artificial grass has come a long way since AstroTurf, becoming a kinder, gentler surface for athletes to play on. The recycled tire crumbs it uses as cushioning, however, concern some parents.
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A North Dakota oil worker: 'I miss my family'

The oil boom in North Dakota created tens of thousands of jobs with good wages -- in the middle of nowhere. So for workers across the U.S., the boom is an opportunity to get back on their feet, pay off debts, save some money, at a cost -- leaving their families behind.
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Fed's Bernanke gives words of warning on fiscal cliff

Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke says he believes that worries about the fiscal cliff are already affecting the economy.
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CEO Meg Whitman on the future of Hewlett-Packard

The CEO of Hewlett-Packard discusses her five-year turnaround plan.
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