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We continue our special "Consumed" series from the Sustainability Desk, exploring whether we can really afford all the things we're buying. Today we focus on the technique of 'upselling' -- companies getting you to buy something you don't actually want. Also, we look at how much a secret security clearance is worth to your career ... And the cost of the immigration debate.

The value of a spy-quality resume

The number of private sector employees with government security clearance has rapidly grown in recent years. So what does having a government security clearance get you, financially and otherwise?
Posted In: nsa, surveillance, Edward Snowden

Immigration TV: Get ready for the ad blitz

As the Senate debates a significant overhaul to our nation's immigration laws, special interest groups are wading into the fight. Advocates and opponents of immigration reform are spending on TV ads and lobbying.
Posted In: immigrants, Immigration, lobbying

Snowden on the lam: How much does it cost to run?

Former surveillance contractor Edward Snowden is on the run, but how does a fugitive finance life on the lam?
Posted In: nsa, surveillance, Edward Snowden

E-cigarette business boom creates smoker's dilemma

E-cigarette sales are booming. But some customers are still conflicted about smoking them, even though they lack the health and environmental hazards of tobacco.
Posted In: e-cigarettes, cigarettes

For companies to grow, they have to sell you more

The constant pressure from investors for companies to grow their profits means they have to grow their sales to you. Plus, it's cheaper to try to sell more to you than find new customers.
Posted In: marketing, sales

Unilever CEO: For sustainable business, go against 'mindless consumption'

Many companies focus on short-term results. The CEO of consumer-products giant Unilever, Paul Polman, says long-term strategic planning builds better businesses.
Posted In: unilever, ceo, sustainability

Google wants to reveal details of government's data requests

As of right now, it's not allowed to even acknowledge those requests, let alone how many of them there are and for what kind of data.
Posted In: Google, privacy, big data

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