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The buzz is loud surrounding Marissa Mayer's big move to Yahoo, but what does it really take to be a turnaround CEO? Republican governors and giant e-commerce retailer Amazon now back Congressional legislation to tax online transactions. We take a look at who, between Gov. Romney and President Obama, has done more outsourcing throughout their careers. Kai Ryssdal talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Scott Patterson about what the government is doing to prevent economic data leaks that give high-speed traders an unfair advantage. And we hear about social entrepreneurship in Ghana, the tale of building a business one battery at a time.

It's summertime -- but less than it used to be

It's the heart of summer, and beaches are crowded. But school schedules, worries about work and even the weather are eating away at summer vacations.
Posted In: summer, vacation, Travel

Building business in Ghana, one battery at a time

After Whit Alexander found success co-creating the board game Cranium, he found a calling in social entrepreneurship. The story of the battery business he built in Ghana is told in a new book by his brother Max.
Posted In: Ghana, Entrepreneurship, Africa

Marissa Mayer to the rescue of Yahoo

Corporate turnarounds of big companies are rare. How much can Yahoo’s new CEO do to revive a company eclipsed by Google and Facebook?
Posted In: Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

Trading in economic data

The government has tightened security around release of labor department data on fears that high frequency traders may may access it illegally.
Posted In: high-frequency trading

NBA seeks to protect players' nest eggs

Many pro athletes squander their fortunes. To prevent financial flame-outs, the NBA will enroll players in a retirement plan.
Posted In: Retirement, NBA

Where to put all our nuclear waste?

The United States isn't the only country looking for a place to store nuclear waste safely for all eternity. But the U.S. may be closer to a solution.
Posted In: nuclear energy, waste

CalPERS earnings fall flat

The nation's largest public pension fund got just a one percent annual return on its investments, well below the 7.5 percent the California Public Employees' Retirement System had projected for the fiscal year that ended June 30.
Posted In: Retirement, 401(k), CALpers

Support grows for online sales tax

Republican governors and giant e-commerce retailer Amazon now back Congressional legislation to tax online transactions.
Posted In:, Amazon, tax breaks

Squaring rhetoric and reality on outsourcing

There's a new bad word in the race for president: 'Outsourcing.' But the latest political back-and-forth, while dramatic, ignores the realities of the American economy.
Posted In: outsourcing, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

Survey says users prefer Google+ to Facebook

Never mind the 900 million-something users Facebook has.
Posted In: Facebook, google +

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