Marketplace for Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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The FCC says it will regulate the volume of TV ads. A for-profit book recycling company collects books for charity, but then also sells them. The smog in China could cause economic delays. California's Napa Valley has a booming economy, but no middle class -- although education may soon play a role in changing that. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about the hidden side of American food (and its bad reputation). And we look into what happened to the $1.2 million missing from MF Global's coffers.

Not all "Books for Charity" go to charity

For-profit book recycler behind popular donation program sells many of the books received.
Posted In: Charity, Books

The FCC quiets TV down

A new law forbids advertisers from pumping up the volume on TV commercials. Now we know the details.
Posted In: tv, TV commercials, fcc

In Napa, civic leaders try to grow a Hispanic middle class

California community takes an innovative approach to move Hispanic immigrants up the economic ladder
Posted In: Immigration, napa valley

Pollution weighs heavily on China

The Chinese worry about how air pollution affects their lives and health.
Posted In: China, air pollution

How political history influences what's on your plate

What do Prohibition, World War II and immigration policy have to do with your food? Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses reasons why American food is what it is today.
Posted In: Food, World War II, Prohibition

Flight attendants want Baldwin apology

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants says it wants Alec Baldwin's show, "30 Rock," banned from in-flight entertainment unless he issues an apology.
Posted In: Alec Baldwin, American Airlines

What happened to MF Global's $1.2 billion?

Jon Corzine testified before Congress today on his company's missing finances. Is $1.2 billion so difficult to track down?
Posted In: MF Global

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