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Will Apple shares really hit $1,000? New York bureau chief Heidi Moore digs a little deeper. Car companies are roaring back, but something's not exactly adding up. Waiters and waitresses at a Manhattan banquet hall have been rewarded $8.5 million in a lawsuit over gratuity tips they say they didn't receive. This week, a hearing in North Carolina will determine if a man deported to Mexico can be reunited with his kids, or if they should stay in foster care. And Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses the hidden side of burglar alarms.

Children of deported parents forced into foster care

A man deported to Mexico struggles to be reunited with his kids, now in North Carolina foster care.
Posted In: Immigration, children, undocumented, Mexico, North Carolina, social services

When burglar alarms don't work

Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner on the high costs of faulty home alarm systems.
Posted In: police, alarms, burglar

Car companies come roaring back

March sales were up at General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota. But as the industry gets back up to speed, engineers aren't so easy to find.
Posted In: Auto, employment, Jobs

County health rankings: Who's the healthiest of them all?

The University of Wisconsin has released the third annual county health rankings. The survey has become a competitive tool for businesses and local governments concerned about the cost of health care.
Posted In: undefined

Campaign fundraising, pre- and post-primaries

How history has led to how recent electoral caucuses are run, and the waning influence of the super PACs in the coming general elections.
Posted In: 2012 election, super PAC, campaign contribution

Apple stock predicted to hit $1,000 a share

Apple stock has defied gravity to top $600 a share. Now two analysts predict it could hit $1,000, creating a $1 trillion company.
Posted In: apple

Free ice cream for all!

It's Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's.
Posted In: ice cream, Ben and Jerry's

Waiters to get $8.5 million back in tips

A New York banquet hall settles a lawsuit to pay waiters tips it never handed over. It’s the latest and biggest payback for jilted waiters.
Posted In: restaurants, tips, Law

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