Marketplace for Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Marketplace for Thursday, May 7, 2009

More mass transit users, less funding

Cities across the country are experiencing increasing ridership on public transportation just as funding dries up. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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H-1B workers stuck in home countries

The H-1B visa program allows skilled foreign workers to get jobs in the U.S. But many workers are having a hard time renewing their visas because of security checks. Raymond Thibodeaux reports from New Delhi.
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Who's hurt by long-term unemployment

A new report shows that specific groups are being hit the hardest by long-term unemployment in this recession. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Casino struggles shift Tunica's fortunes

Tunica, Miss., was the poorest county in the nation twenty years ago. That changed when casinos came to town and brought thousands of jobs. But the recession is hitting the casino business hard. Jeff Tyler reports.

Why Costco's sales have dropped

Wholesale retailer Costco said its net sales fell more than expected in April. Janet Babin explains why.
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Let some big banks fail!

There is lots of talk about what should happen now that the stress test results are out. Commentator Dean Baker says one thing we should consider is letting some of the big banks fail.

Analyzing the banks' stress test results

The stress test results are now officially public. New York bureau chief Amy Scott talks with Tess Vigeland about the new information we learned and what the results tell us about the health of the banking industry.

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