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We look at how the natural gas boom in this country could be used a weapon in geopolitics -- by undercutting Vladimir Putin and Russia's dominance of Europe's fuel. And, though there are so many wonderful uses for them, bananas are doomed. At least according to one writer with Quartz. Meanwhile, we're following up on the news of yet another delay in the Affordable Care Act. People enrolled in plans that don't meet the law's stricter coverage standards can keep them for another two years. That potentially buys Democrats some political cover in the coming mid-term elections. The question, though, is who picks up the tab?

The history of Ukraine’s imports (in charts!)

From the dissolution of the USSR to the rise of the global economy: What's changed for Ukraine?
Posted In: ukraine, Russia, trade

Who foots the bill for an Obamacare delay?

People in the plans that don't comply with Obamacare tend to be healthier.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

Tracking down the man behind bitcoin

News media was in hot pursuit of Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of bitcoin.
Posted In: bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

Keeping the funeral business alive

Philadelphia Magazine reporter Sandy Hingston says changing culture in America is killing the business of death.
Posted In: funerals, cemeteries

The bananapocalypse is upon us

The world’s fourth most valuable crop is threatened by a fungus.
Posted In: bananas, fruit, fungus, pathogen, Agriculture

More gadgets, less ink: Staples cuts back

Analysts say part of the problem is too much competition from the likes of Amazon.
Posted In: staples, Amazon, office supplies

U.S. natural gas could be geopolitical weapon

Lessening Ukraine and Europe's dependence on Russian energy.
Posted In: ukraine, fracking, natural gas

Snakes not on a plane

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, March 7, 2014
Posted In: snakes, Unemployment, consumer credit

High frequency trading: More relaxed than you think

The technology and tactics of high frequency trading are impressive to some.
Posted In: high frequency trading, Wall Street, stock market

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