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Twitter COO
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Twitter canned its COO today and said it may not need one after all. Only 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies have one. So what’s the job of a COO? Plus, Amazon’s getting into music streaming now. It's gone down the video streaming route before too. Which raises the question, just what kind of company does it want to be? Also, the average size of a new single-family home in the U.S. continues its upward march… now eclipsing 2,300 square feet. Compare that to the average 40 years ago… just 1,500 square feet. We explain the economics behind the trend – there’s a much better margin in supersized homes.
Tesla Motors

Tesla shows their car-ds

How to avoid lawsuits and and get more electric cars on the road.
Posted In: tesla, Elon Musk

What is Amazon? Whatever Amazon wants to be

Amazon’s streaming music, making its own Kindles and releasing its own smartphone.
Posted In: Amazon, Amazon Prime, music streaming

Is E3 actually mind-blowing?

At the E3 video game convention, a reporter seeks a mind-expanding experience.
Posted In: e3, video games, virtual reality

Call it 'protein', not 'meat'

Protein is the food buzzword that sells.
Posted In: protein, meat, Food

A famous London bookstore hits back at digital trends

Celebrated British bookstore Foyles defies trends to bet on paper books.
Posted In: bookstore, London, Foyles, e-books, publishing

Tech companies don't just recruit from the Ivies

Yahoo, for example, loves San Jose State University.
Twitter COO

What is the point of a COO? A CEO? A CVO? A CKO?

Twitter's COO quit today and Twitter says it may not even need one. Why have one?
Posted In: C-suite, executives
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