Marketplace for Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Marketplace for Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Jolly Banker' lives on with Wilco

Jeff Tweedy, frontman for the band Wilco, talks to Kai Ryssdal about why the group decided to record Woody Guthrie's Depression-era song "Jolly Banker," and how its message holds true today.
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Staying home not easy for sick workers

President Obama says stopping the swine flu from spreading can be as easy as staying home from work, if you're sick. But for some employees that's easier said than done. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Health, Jobs

Where we stand on Iraq reconstruction

Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, talks to Kai Ryssdal about how much U.S. financial support is necessary to rebuild the country and how the recovery efforts are going.

Why Disney took a stake in Hulu

Disney is taking a 30% stake in the online video Web site Hulu. What's in it for Disney? Jennifer Collins reports.
Posted In: Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions

The fallout from Chrysler's bankruptcy

Chrysler's bankruptcy may force the automaker to lay off several workers, but it could also be a good thing. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Micheline Maynard of The New York Times about what will happen with the automaker now.
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What went wrong with Chrysler?

It looked like Chrysler was on the road to avoiding bankruptcy a few days ago. But then negotiations with the automaker's creditors broke down. What the heck happened? John Dimsdale explains.
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Investors boost health care IT funding

While investment in biotech is down, health care information technology is holding its own. Investors are following the $20 billion in President Obama's stimulus plan to upgrade and modernize health records. Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Health

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