Marketplace Report for Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DIY books turn a page in publishing

The novel is not dead. Nor is any other kind of book. Self-publishing technology has empowered wanna-be writers -- no matter how strange their pitch. Cash Peters checks out the DIY crowd at a book expo in LA.
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Making that pink slip sound better

The forcefully unemployed now have a new way to spin their misfortune into something admirable. Just say you're a freelancer. Commentator -- and freelance writer -- Megan Hustad weighs in on the trend.
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College Board studying 8th grade PSAT

You're never too young to get an ulcer. The College Board is planning to roll out a new college assessment exam for eighth graders in 2010. Marketplace's Janet Babin reports.
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Vioxx trial was marketing ploy

A Merck & Co. study of Vioxx that recruited 600 doctors to prescribe the drug was actually a marketing strategy, researchers say. Host Kai Ryssdal looks at how widespread the practice is.

NATO and Russia in war of words

NATO wagged a finger at Russia today, warning that the invasion of Georgia was jeopardizing Russia's relationship with NATO. Russia's response was stern. From London, Steven Beard has the story.
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Is Lehman's very survival in jeopardy?

JP Morgan Securities predicts investment bank Lehman Brothers will take a huge hit in the third quarter from bad mortgage investments. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on speculation Lehman might not survive.
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July numbers raise inflation concerns

Housing starts hit a 17-year low in July and a wholesale price report rose to a 27-year high, monthly statistics say. John Dimsdale puts the numbers in perspective and asks -- What's next?
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