Marketplace Report for Friday, November 14, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Friday, November 14, 2008

The ways stores entice shoppers to buy

Marketing expert Martin Lindstrom says stores have special ways to get shopppers to spend. Kai Ryssdal gets him to reveal some of their methods.
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Drop in consumer spending has merits

Is it really so bad that consumer confidence continues to erode? Commentator Amity Shlaes says that if consumers aren't spending, then they're saving, investing or beefing up that college fund, and that can be a good thing.
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Automaker woes and bailout switcheroo

The $700 billion bailout isn't just about banks anymore, and automakers are begging for a cut. Kai Ryssdal recaps the week with David Leonhardt of The New York Times and Leigh Gallagher of Fortune magazine.
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Investors line up to exit hedge funds

Hedge fund investors can withdraw their money only once a year, and Nov. 15 is the day. Fund managers say requests to get out are unusually high this time. Sally Herships reports on what that could mean.
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The G-20 gathers to look for a cure

Leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies are meeting in Washington to work on the global economic crisis. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale reports.
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Online shopping isn't clicking either

Google's ad business was supposed to be recession-proof. But Google and companies like it rely on search-related ads and fewer people are clicking on them. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Citigroup to raise card rates, cut jobs

If you've got a Citigroup credit card in your wallet, be prepared. The company plans to start raising interest rates for some customers. And it's rumored to be considering tens of thousands more job cuts. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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