Marketplace PM for May 5, 2006

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Oil puts Kazakhstan on Cheney's itinerary

Vice President Cheney visits Kazakhstan today. One topic of discussion: Kazakhstan's vast oil and gas reserves. Cheryl Glaser has the story.
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Price of WTC memorial keeps rising

The World Trade Center Memorial in Lower Manhattan may cost more than $1 billion, far more than previous estimates. Amy Scott reports.

Building your resume? Disney has an offer

The "Happiest Place on Earth" is looking for 4,000 summer interns to do work ranging from answering phones to regular park duties. It's a sign college students need jobs with resume-building experience. Lisa Napoli reports.

Is Buffett really such a wizard?

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett holds his annual shareholder meeting this weekend. Commentator and economist Austen Goolsbee says Buffett's reputation is overrated.
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The Week on Wall Street

Host Kai Ryssdal checks in with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about what went up, what went down and what may be ahead in the markets.
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Dead ships, toxic business

Breaking up decommissioned ships has become big business for a city on the northwest coast of India. But it also carries serious environmental and safety concerns. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Paying for help at dinnertime

Intrepid reporter Cash Peters reports from the frontlines of the latest culinary trend &mdash; a restaurant with no tables or chairs, and where you have to cook your own food.<br><br><a href="">Cash Peters' website</a>

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