Marketplace PM for May 31, 2006

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US extends conditional offer to Iran

In a major policy shift, the United States said it is willing to talk with Iran — if Iran suspends its nuclear fuel enrichment activities. John Dimsdale reports.
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Positioning for 2008?

Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy today for reelection to the US Senate. She made no mention of a possible presidential bid in 2008, but she has amassed a $20 million war chest. Scott Tong reports.

Can Chavez pump up OPEC support?

Venezuela's outspoken President Hugo Chavez wants to cut back on oil production and send prices even higher. Will he get what he wants from OPEC ministers in Caracas? Host Kai Ryssdal talks to professor Carol Wise.
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Another settlement on Wall Street

Some of the big brokerage houses in New York have agreed to pay regulators a combined $13 million. They were accused of manipulating auctions for corporate and municipal bonds. Amy Scott reports.

Tough challenges for Hank to tackle

Commentator Robert Reich says his former college classmate — newly-nominated Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson — needs to do more than sell President Bush's policies to help the economy. He has to reverse them.

Storm insurance options getting dicey

Hurricane season begins tomorrow. And companies big and small are looking to insure themselves differently than they did before Hurricane Katrina. Cheryl Glaser reports.

Turbulence in the control tower

Air traffic controllers and the FAA have been at the bargaining table for nine months. Neither side is ready to budge. Eric Niiler takes a look at the showdown.

Refilling the role of Juan Valdez

The actor who played Juan Valdez, the iconic figure of Colombian coffee, has retired. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to branding consultant David Altschul about what's been involved in the search for a replacement.
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